Opening Remarks

I started SOMETHINGGOOD for my brother, who often laments “they don’t make music like they used to.” I mean, *technically* he’s right — but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Music is better than it’s ever been. Full stop. You no longer need expensive recording sessions to get a professional-quality sound, nor do you need a record deal to reach a global audience. With fewer barriers, sheer volume wins out. Now there’s a daily flow of new music from a diverse, and always-growing, pool of artists. It’s awesome. And on the consumer side, you can play almost any song ever made, within seconds, with just a few taps on a phone. Equally awesome.

My intention with SOMETHINGGOOD (@SMTHNGGOODmusic) is to shine a spotlight on new, (what I think is) good music. That’s it. I’m 100% independent and have no financial stake in anything music-related (but willing to hear offers). Please follow along as SOMETHINGGOOD takes shape with daily posts.

Gary McCabe